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Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle

It’s not all about muscle. Mike Boyle is not built like an athlete, but he definitely knows how to create athletes. I had shoulder tightness for over two years prior following the prehab/rehab techniques discussed on Boyle’s podcast, and my nagging shoulder issue has since disappeared. Prior to listening to his podcast, I was told by a physical therapist that the tightness in my shoulder would likely never go away, and I’d always have to work around the pain. Shows how much that therapist knew. Listening to Boyle, I also learned how and why to develop my glutes and legs (key muscles groups of real athletes). Prior to, I thought I just had bad genes for both muscle groups. Mike’s podcast is worth listening to. You can also find his videos on and his articles on


Functional Movement Systems

Headed by physical therapists, FMS’s focus is on mobility, flexibility, functional movement, and injury prevention — all of which are important to athletes and exercise enthusiasts.

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Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto

Tom wrote Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, an unparalleled instructional book on optimum nutrition for a cut-up, muscled-up physique. This book was more informative about sports nutrition than my $600 ISSA personal training course was. I credit Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle with putting me on the correct path to sustainable nutritional practices I can follow for life. Ten years on, and I still eat as Venuto taught me.

Learn how to eat clean for life & never diet, Ever!


Chris Aceto

If it wasn’t for Chris Aceto, aka, The Technician, taking the time to write informative books on bodybuilding, I might still be struggling to build a well-muscled physique. Aceto’s Championship Bodybuilding is an instructional must-read for all aesthetic athletes and bodybuilding hopefuls. Although I no longer focus on aesthetics, I keep Aceto on my list of experts and motivators because building full muscles can be hard, and his techniques will help ANYONE build muscle. He also introduced me to the practice of progressive overload: the key to building strength and muscle over time.

Championship bodybuilding book review

Cathe Friedrich

Cathe Friedrich

After becoming a mom in 2002, Cathe introduced me to weight training, prompting me to aim higher than desiring a skinny body, and instead strive for strength and muscle. Her training aided me in earning the awards of Top Physical Readiness Trainee and Warhawk in the Air Force, in 2004.

What makes Cathe inspirational and worth learning from is her longevity as an athlete and coach, which extends to around 30 years. I’ve always made it a practice to seek advice from veterans over young, attractive, ultra-ripped fresh faces. The fresh-faced athlete may be in tip-top condition for a year or even a decade, but few maintain their physiques for life, like Cathe and other fitness veterans, who are knowledgeable practitioners of lifelong exercise techniques.

Workout with Cathe online
Workout with Cathe online



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