With the prevalence of air-brushed and meticulously crafted images, filtered videos, substance use, cosmetic procedures, and resources beyond the reach of the average person, it’s no wonder so many of us look at fitness models and believe it’s impossible to look like them. Our mission at LLAFIT is to expose the little-known truth that reaching a high health or fitness goal can be done without costly tricks, fad diets, or extreme exercise. Peak health and fitness don’t require having the same resources as a top fitness model or celebrity, who benefits from having an on-staff chef and expensive personal training.
Composed of veterans in the personal training, sports, and nutrition communities, LLAFIT delivers firsthand, tried-and-true, and scientifically backed information on how to adopt and maintain a healthful lifestyle for life; to that end, we promote training programs, nutritional techniques, and people who represent this very attainable goal journey. Whether your goal is a year-round abs or improved functional strength, it can be done. LLAFIT’s method of execution: Knowledge.

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