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With the prevalence of air-brushed and meticulously crafted images, filtered videos, substance use, cosmetic procedures, and resources beyond the reach of the average person, it’s no wonder so many of us look at fitness models and believe it’s impossible to look like them.

Through our podcasts, LLAFIT exposes the unmarketed truth that reaching a high health or fitness goal can be done with little money and without fad diets or extreme exercise. We interview shining examples of this truth; everyday people and health, fitness, and nutrition experts who share how peak fitness and lifelong health are within reach.

Upcoming Podcasts

Interview w/ Kim D. H. Butler, Author and the Founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement and President of Partners for Prosperity, Inc.

As stated on Kim’s Facebook page, “She’s not your ‘typical financial planner.’”  After growing up on a dairy farm, putting herself through college, and becoming a banker, she realized that typical financial planning offered no guaranteed results and that truly wealthy people often follow a different path. That discovery was the genesis of Prosperity Economics. Kim advises clients in all 50 states. If you’d like to speak to Kim, she can be contacted at partners4prosperity.com and on Facebook and Instagram @kimdhbutler.

Kim D. H. Butler
Kim D. H. Butler, Author and the Founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement and President of Partners for Prosperity, Inc.
Interview w/ Olympic Rowing Trainee Kellianne Van der moer

Kellianne is a former track & field athlete who has been handpicked to train as an Olympic rower for Team USA. Kellianne will discuss her incredible journey to Olympic training camp, the athlete mindset, athletic ability and aesthetics versus public perception, and more valuable content for the lifelong fitness community. Her favorite phrase to stay motivated is “If not now, when?”

Follow Kellianne on instagram @kdog_stackin, read about her in The Sacramento Bee, and see her on the Next Olympic Hopeful.

Kellianne Van der moer
Kellianne Van der moer, Olympic Rowing Trainee and Personal Trainer
Interview w/ fit mom Ashley Bradford

Ashley is a health and fitness coach for Faith Filled Fitness. Even though she is a single mom, she manages to juggle a busy, fluctuating daily schedule while simultaneously working to maximize her and her daughter’s health. Her favorite phrases to stay motivated are “Let’s Go!” and “Never quit!” Join Faith Filled Fitness on Facebook and follow Ashley on Instagram @ashleybgetsfit

Ashley Bradford
Ashley Bradford of Faith Filled Fitness
Interview w/ Athlete, Trainer, and Author Scot Davenport

Scot Davenport is a prolific practicing athlete, author, and specialized trainer. He is an Oregon State Bench Press Holder for the United States Powerlifting Association, Author of Scot Strong and Mixed Martial Arts, an IART High Intensity Training Specialist, and an ISSA-certified Personal trainer and Bodybuilding Specialist.

Scot has a podcast, Underground Sound, and you can follow him on Instagram @scot_j_davenport. Learn more about Scot on his website https://davenportbarbell.com

Scot Davenport – athlete, trainer, and author

Past Podcasts

Ep. 4: Elise and Dan of Momentum, Strength and Wellness – “Rethinking Nutrition & Exercise w/ Momentum, Strength & Wellness Holistic Lifestyle Coaching”

Transcript: Transcript – Momentum, Strength and Wellness: Rethinking Nutrition & Exercise

Ep. 3: Lyn Hepner, 6A Football Coach and HS History Teacher – “Weight Loss at Any Age – Interview w/ Coach Lyn Hepner”

Transcript: Transcript – Weight Loss at Any Age: Interview w/ Lyndon Hepner.

Ep. 2: Brett Schill, Founder and CEO of Grit Loops – “Interview w/ Brett Schill, Founder & CEO of Grit Loops”

Transcript: coming soon.

Ep. 1: Marcus Wallace – “Interview w/ Army Master of Fitness Marcus Wallace”

Transcript: coming soon.

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