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    Cardio Variety

    Cardio alternatives

    Cardio can get boring real quick. Below, are different cardio options you can try to get lean and stay lean without the boredom.   Cardio Kickboxing This would fall under steady-state cardio, but the intensity can vary. I started working out nearly thirteen years ago (at the time of this writing), and cardio kickboxing has always been a favorite of…

  • Bodybuilding,  Training

    Cardio in the Morning

    Morning Cardio

    Cardio in the morning can maximize fat loss by capitalizing on your body’s carbohydrate-depleted state caused by your overnight fast (sleep). The body stores carbohydrates you eat throughout the day as glycogen in your muscles and liver. Regular physical movement and exercise deplete those stores, but before bed, you can still have some glycogen stored within your body. While you…