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    CrossFit Review & Alternatives

    crossfit review

    In 2014, during my final year as a full-time personal trainer, much of the personal training community branded CrossFit as the gym with sloppy trainers who don’t check or correct form, with a program beloved by cultish zombies who know no better than to do as instructed. This reputation was only further solidified when CrossFit introduced everyday trainees to a…

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    Why You Need to Log Calories

    Why Log Your calories

    Some personal trainers and “health gurus” don’t believe in logging calories. Instead, they say “eat when you’re hungry.” I don’t agree with that. I know from experience that eating below or too far above the amount of calories your body requires (for muscle gain, fat loss, or maintenance) can sabotage any prospect of reaching your goals. For someone serious about…

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    Healthy Food Delivery

    Get high-protein, healthy food delivered to your door! I’ve been looking for something like this for years. My life consists of being a mother, working at home and outside of the home, and training. Shopping for food — or shopping at all — is one of my least favorite things to do. Whenever I force myself to the grocery store,…