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What is the Best Time of the Day to Exercise?

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The best time of the day to exercise is in the late morning, heading into noon. By this time, your testosterone levels—important in muscle building—have peaked. You’re also on your way to the peak of your alertness at noon. On a personal note this is also my own preferred time to exercise.

I’m guilty of working out any time I have 10–20 minutes to spare. It’s not the most productive way to go about it. It may also be why I’ve never gotten many results.

So, I decided to pencil in a set time every day for my workout. To make sure I got the most out of it, I had to figure out one thing: what is the best time of the day to exercise and why?

Do I Need to Exercise Every Day?

A workout every day doesn’t hurt. It’s beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight or get fit. But you don’t need to exercise every day so long as you remain as active as you’d usually be.

Most people would say a minimum of three times a week is enough. I’m inclined to agree. An hour-long session of some high-activity exercise should be sufficient.

But when should this hour be?

Your Body Through the Day

Throughout the day, your body changes and adjusts. This is why you’re shorter in the evening, or why you wear out as the day goes on. Because of all these changes, you might wonder if there’s a time that’s best for exercise.

Let’s break down how your body changes as the day goes on and make suggestions based on that.

Your Morning Body

In the morning, you’re at your tallest with your joints at their best, and you should be at your freshest. You’ve woken up from a rejuvenating sleep. You’re on your way to being energized and incredibly alert.

Your testosterone—even in women—should be peaking now too. That’s a positive in terms of working out.

Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth. Excellent for getting you strong and fit. Because of your increased testosterone, your body can also handle stress better in the morning. Another pro for the workout.

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