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Stay fit! Your health shouldn’t be treated like a competition or a beauty contest—it’s your life. Learn to believe in lifelong fitness and health. You should have many reasons why you want to be healthy. Reasons that are close to you, not external reasons, such as hoping people will think you’re hot. When you have solid, internal motivation, staying fit for life is not a big deal nor a daunting task.

I stayed active even when I was broke, between homes, and so on. There are many reasons I made fitness a priority even when in poverty. The primary reason is it has offered me a solid sense of self and stability. Secondly, a side effect of exercise is the release of endorphins. I know staying active through those hard times helped me to stay positive (read more on this here) and mentally alert. Short-term, vain goals are fueled by short-term motivation. If you really don’t believe in health, you will soon become one of many “has-beens,” or never reach your full potential.

Once you have a number of years of dedication to fitness under your belt, you’ll be accustomed to how great you look. This is when having deeper reasons for prioritizing fitness comes into play. Beauty is one thing, but your health should reign, and you should not risk your health for your appearance. Take time to learn proper training & nutrition principles, and once and for all master your fitness, nutrition, and overall health.


Sylvia Petro - 2009 Texas Round Up
Sylvia Petro – 2009 Texas Round Up



As an athlete for over 21 years and a broke single mom for most of that time, I created, now, to aid anyone who believes the road to fitness requires a lot of cash or time. In reality, the way to fitness is paved with knowledge and firm principles; teaching readers how to master both is the goal of this site. LLAFIT - Lifelong Applied Fitness

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