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EndyMed Laser Treatment Review

Earlier this year, I underwent six EndyMed sessions at a reputable medspa in my area. During a prior consultation with an aesthetic technician, I told her I had concerns about the scar across my eyebrow, which was self-inflicted from piercing myself as a teenager; it was a cool idea then, not so much now. That permanent reminder of reckless teenage boredom has caused me to constantly wear hairstyles that cover the unsightly scar tissue. We went over different options including microneedling, which I heard horror stories about from a friend, and other procedures such as surgically removing the scar — the most costly option of them all. Finally, she took a moment to think and suggested EndyMed. She said in addition to reducing my scar, the procedure would also tighten my skin if I opted to treat my entire face. Although currently in my mid-thirties, I haven’t seen any major facial signs of aging, I was curious to see what my face would look like tighter. The price, broken into six separate treatments of $150 (a discounted rate), wasn’t too bad either, so I went with it.

What is EndyMed?

Claimed to be safer than Botox at reducing wrinkles and promoted as an alternative to the surgical facelift, EndyMed is a new radio frequency laser technology that tightens the skin by heating the dermis to induce collagen production. Tightening is stated to occur to a small degree immediately after a treatment, with fully realized results within a week to weeks thereafter. Results last longer than Botox: 18 months to two years versus approximately three to six months for Botox. At the medspa I visited, I was told the primary benefit Botox has over EndyMed is immediate results, as a week or so for EndyMed might be too long for some. EndyMed, however, offers an extra benefit that Botox does not: natural-looking results. For those who might be wondering, Botox can be used for scar treatment in addition to wrinkle reduction and prevention, but it carries more severe risks than EndyMed. This post summarizes my experience after receiving a full cycle of facial EndyMed treatments. Six cycles were recommended to me; although, up to ten cycles can be recommended for other patients.

“EndyMed® treatments are designed for the treatment of wrinkles, specifically to tighten and lift sagging skin on the face and neck, including the forehead, cheeks, under the chin, and neck. EndyMed® is also specially formulated to use on delicate, sensitive, and hard-to-treat areas around the eyes and mouth.” – Dr. Ayala Plastic Surgery, San Antonio, TX



Cost Speed of Results Duration of Results

$200 – $2,600*

Immediate or weeks* 18 months to 2 years**

Scar treatment can be permanent.***


The Procedure

The duration of the procedure is around 45 minutes. The laser releases a heat sensation on the skin that can border on intense burning. The technician adjusts the laser intensity, or heat level, based on what areas of the face are being targeted and feedback from the patient. Delicate areas of the face, such as around the lips, cannot bear the same temperature level as the cheek area, for example. Every time I had the procedure, the sensation of burning occurred at least a few times, but it did not leave redness or a burn on my skin — This can vary per patient. The technician informed me that any burning can affect the skin for up to roughly one week.

Different types of lasers can be used. I’ve had the procedure with a small laser and a large laser; I prefer the larger laser. Each technician who treated me used a distinct technique of operating the laser. Of the two technicians I worked with, one woman moved around my face quickly in small circles, while the other traversed my face more slowly, in a languid circular or contouring motion. I found the latter to be more effective at producing noticeable results.

Note: Patients are advised to cease the use of any complexion correction products, such as skin brighteners with hydroquinone, for about a week prior to the EndyMed procedure. Such products might be in common use for women who undergo the procedure, as such products are also used for anti-aging to combat melasma. According to the technician who consulted me for EndyMed treatment, continued use of skin brightening products while undergoing EndyMed can potentially cause skin discoloration.

Side Effects

The technician went over the side effects with me, and I found them to be minor and less risky than Botox side effects or any of the other side effects related to other scar removal options she suggested. Due to the heat emitted from the laser, some patients may experience temporary reddening, swelling, and/or flaking of their skin. More seriously, the radio frequency laser itself can interfere with medical devices, such as pacemakers. For a more detailed list of possible side effects, read Real Self’s review of EndyMed.


Following the first treatment, I was told to expect a tightening sensation of my skin over the next couple of days, and a visible reduction in scarring and fine lines. After my first procedure, within a week the fine lines in my nasolabial area and on my forehead vanished. I didn’t notice it right away, but once I did, I was pleasantly surprised. Half a year later, those lines are still gone. Again, the results are supposed to last for about 2 years. For $150, I’d say that’s an excellent deal. I didn’t continue the procedures on the schedule recommended, which was once every three weeks. Instead, my being a single mom, I waited till I had the money. So, I underwent the procedure about every four to five weeks until I completed all six rounds of treatment.

Although the scar above my eyebrow isn’t completely gone, after the first treatment, it was noticeably smoother to the touch, whereas it was once very tough and protruded from my skin. The second result I experienced was the disappearance of fine lines on my nasolabial area and forehead. However, unfortunately, I did not experience any skin tightening nor, at least, any sensation of skin tightening, as I was told to expect. That does not mean this treatment doesn’t work for skin tightening. I might perhaps be too young to have a noticeable reduction of collagen in order for the collagen-promoting powers of EndyMed to be more pronounced. On the other hand, I recommended EndyMed to a friend within my age group who experienced both a tightening sensation and a visible tightening of her skin, so this result can be dependent on one’s specific physiology.

See before and after photos from various EndyMed patients.

For the wrinkle-busting powers alone, EndyMed is going to be part of my anti-aging skin plan. Although I might not need the treatment for skin tightening at this time in my life, next year I will probably continue treatment on my scar until, hopefully, it becomes barely apparent. Perhaps a few years down the line, I’ll use EndyMed again for my overall face. Outside of my own experience with the treatment, EndyMed appears to be a great, new technology that will likely improve. It even has its own stock ticker. I’d like to see where this technology goes, as it’s an excellent alternative to the risks that come with Botox and the expense of various scar treatments.

If you are curious about trying EndyMed, browse the clinic locator on the EndyMed website. If you have already tried EndyMed, please leave a comment below of your experience with the technology.

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