Weider System of Bodybuilding
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The Weider System of Bodybuilding Book Review

Rating ****
Joe Weider was an expert on bodybuilding, and the foremost sought out trainer from the bodybuilding golden era, and beyond. I purchased this book after watching a video that featured one of his athletes. He stated something along the lines of: “Modern bodybuilders don’t train as hard as the original generation. They rely on the pharmacy.” That athlete and other former pro bodybuilders have stated that they are surprised at the slow progress of modern bodybuilders. How from one year to the next, they aren’t putting on that much muscle, or they don’t cut well enough to appear properly conditioned on stage. Putting all of these comments together, I decided to get a book straight out of their era and test the training techniques on my body. This year, I’m going all Weider in the gym.
The Weider System covers kinesiology and training primarily. I like that kinesiology is included in the book. It’s excellent to hit home why proper form is important. It’s wise to know the function of a muscle group in order to train it properly.
The Weider training principles are included (peak contraction, forced reps, drop sets and so on).
I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars because compared to Championship Bodybuilding by Chris Aceto, it lacks that instructional element. There are no recommended plans for someone to start with. The Weider System instead, lays out the routines followed by various pro bodybuilders of the era. Some information may be out of date (that’s debatable). For example, I don’t agree with training abs every day. This book suggests that as an option for trainees. I believe that the abdominals, just like any other muscle group, needs sufficient time to recover. That is why I train my abs for a maximum of three times per week.
Besides the out of date information, and the lack of training guidance for the reader, this book is worth a read if you’re a bodybuilding nerd.
Weider System

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