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Things I Like – New Favorite Fall Boots

Fit women need more than stretchable leggings and sneakers. We also need everyday fashion options, and I love boots; they’re the only thing I like about colder weather — that and coats, scarves, gloves, pumpkin pie, holiday cheat meals — well, I guess “only” is a bit inaccurate, but it’s close.  

Sam Edelman is my new favorite boot designer, if only for the awesome boots featured in this post. I found these burnt maroon colored boots at a local Ross store. The color struck me, but what sold me was the clash (and genius) of the wide, speckled-gray laces. The boot design itself is masculine chic, meaning the design is masculine but with women in mind.

The tongue of the boot is velvet, cut in an odd, but cool, accordion shape. The collar is also velvet. The toecap and all around the boot has much of the burnt maroon finish, while the rest of the boot is a more radiant, dark maroon. Lastly, the laces are tipped with a sort of bullet-shaped metal aglet. (I promise these boots look much better in person; my camera does them no justice.)

As y’all probably know from the title of this blog, I’m a broke single mom, but I had to have these boots for fall. I couldn’t find a pair in my size, but that didn’t deter me either. I might be walking around with boots that are a bit too big for me, but, nonetheless, I look forward to putting them on any chance I get. They were $40 at Ross, and Amazon has comparable prices for the pair featured in this post and other styles, like below. 


Sam Edelman Women’s Darrah Fashion Boots



See more Sam Edelman fashion:


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