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In July, I’ll enter my thirteenth year (as of 2015) of dedication to exercise and healthy eating. When I started exercising, I trained three days a week.  I now exercise every day. And each day, I make eating healthfully a priority. Thirteen years might seem like a long time, but, as the saying goes, time flies. In my opinion, the limited time we have on this earth is more reason to not waste any of it being uncomfortable in our bodies.

Lifelong Health Perk: Surprisingly, the human body does not require a lot of work to maintain a lean physique and good health. The more you know about your body and nutrition, the easier it is to maintain healthy habits.

In my late teens, when I had anorexia, I thought achieving a lean body meant torturing myself. I also thought, as many people do, that I had to severely restrict my food intake and do exhaustive workouts to obtain my dream body. Once I hit eighteen, I got the idea of purchasing a personal training course for my personal knowledge and goals. I wanted to know what fitness experts know. I cleared my mind of any previous information I had floating in my head, regarding health and fitness, and fully followed the principles in the personal training coursebook. I did so because I knew that the authors of the book knew more than me. That was the single best thing I did to get started down a healthy path. The course was more insightful and valuable than any fitness magazine or workout DVD series out there. I learned about kinesiology, the human metabolism, energy pathways, the muscular system, training adaption, and training volume and intensity. I also learned how to get started with a diet and exercise program, and how to adapt with my progress.

I went from starving myself, and binging and purging, to eating 5 small meals per day (this keeps the metabolism working throughout the day, thusly, raising the metabolic rate). I went from working out three times per day on an empty stomach to a split schedule, and I started to enjoy exercising. My new routine and way of eating were much easier to manage than starving myself, and spending hours working out.

Lifelong Health Tip: When looking for new health and fitness-related information, I seek out authorities on the subject. Not TV or YouTube personalities — certainly not celebrities, but top trainers in the fitness categories I’m interested in: bodybuilding, gymnastics, functional training, and even football off-season training. I also read material from Olympic-level coaches and nutritionists.

Over the years, I have changed gears from creating merely an aesthetic physique to building a functional body. In my pursuit, I have turned to information from various specialists in different sports who build bodies similar to what I prefer. These institutions and experts have a lot of money invested in them to produce specific results. Olympic coaches have the entire country relying on their expertise. By following experts, I not only get results, but I always get the backstory; explanations on why certain exercises should be done, how much of it to do, exercise order, and seasonal training.

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In all, the road to fitness longevity begins with knowledge and understanding of how your body works. Another key is to know how to adapt as your body changes. Confusion disappears where there is knowledge, and sticking to a healthy lifestyle is not as difficult as many believe.

As an athlete for over 21 years and a broke single mom for most of that time, I created, now, to aid anyone who believes the road to fitness requires a lot of cash or time. In reality, the way to fitness is paved with knowledge and firm principles; teaching readers how to master both is the goal of this site. LLAFIT - Lifelong Applied Fitness

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