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Today’s Workout – Back Workout & Handstand Practice

Pull Up Variations – 4 Sets Supersetted w/ Back Extensions

Set 1 & 2 Mixed grip pull ups to failure

Set 3 Wide grip pull ups

Set 4 Close grip pull ups


Cable One Arm Rows w/ Rope – 4 Sets

Set 1 – Warm up set 12 reps

Set 2 & 3 – Working set 10 – 12 reps

Set 4 – Heavy set to failure


High Cable Rows – 4 Sets

(I made up this name, not sure of the official name. Put cable low on cable machine, stand far back in squat position with a bar attachment. Pull the weight to your belly, contract your back tightly, and rise just short of full standing at top of movement. I hope that’s clear.)


Set 1 – Warm up set 15 reps

Set 2 & 3 – Working set 10 – 12 reps

Set 4 – Heavy set to failure


Handstand Holds Facing Mirror – 4 Sets 30 Seconds Each


Forearm Handstand Holds – 4 Sets to Failure Each


Handstand Holds Facing Away from Mirror – 4 Sets 60 Seconds Each


10 – 15 Minute Stretch & Done!

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