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Protect & Build Your Posture w/ These 14 Posterior Chain Exercises

You call yourself an athlete? Then you must build a strong posterior chain: the rear of your body, which comprises of your back, glutes, and hamstrings. The state of these muscles influence your posture, for good or bad, and are vital to optimum athletic performance. Every good athlete has powerful glutes, explosive hamstrings, and a strong back. But if you’re an average gym-goer with a dream to unlock your best body, your exposure to the best exercises to strengthen the posterior chain is likely limited. See the exercises and video link below for the 14 best posterior chain exercises.

Exercise Quick Guide:

1. Squat

Primary muscles worked: Overall posterior chain, glutes, hams, back, and quads.

2. Deadlift

Primary muscles worked: Overall posterior chain

3. Clean

Primary muscles worked: Back and overall posterior chain

4. Glute-Ham Raise

Primary muscles worked: Glutes, hams, lower back

5. Back Extension

Primary muscles worked: Lower back and glutes


14 of The Best Posterior Chain Exercises

Posterior Chain Exercise

6. Good Mornings

Primary muscles worked: Lower back

7. Kettlebell Swing

Primary muscles worked: Glutes and overall posterior chain

Want a REAL butt? Build one.

8. Barbell Glute Bridge

Primary muscles worked: Glutes

weighted glute bridge

9. Pull-Ups

Primary muscles worked: Overall back

10. Pendlay Row

Primary muscles worked: Mid-back

11. Face Pull

Primary muscles worked: Traps and shoulders

12. Band Pull Apart

Primary muscles worked: Upper back and traps

13. Seated Band Row

Primary muscles worked: Rear delts, upper back to mid-back

14. One-Arm Dumbbell Row

Primary muscles worked: Rear delts

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